Dr. Hakim Bouterfa

Dr. Hakim Bouterfa

Highly experienced in oncology and NETs. Expert in Medical Affairs in the pharmaceutical industry. Done more than 50 clinical studies and coordinated more than 200 studies Phase I – IV.
Former VP Europe at Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, former Global Medical Director Sandostatin  at Novartis AG. Longterm oncology research at the Universities of Goettingen, Wuerzburg and at the La Jolla Cancer Research Center (Burnham Institute) San Diego USA.

Dr. Jens Kaufmann

Head of Radiopharmaceutical Development

Former manager for chemical product and process development at Eckert & Ziegler AG; Former laboratory supervisor at ASCA-Berlin GmbH, contract research for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Romain Bejot, PhD

CMC Chemistry Manufacturing Control Manager

Former head of preclinical imaging at Duke-NUS Medical School, site head of R&D at ImaginAb Molecular Imaging, and radiochemist in Singapore and in the UK.

Dr. Ramón Mena

Clinical Research Associate

Former research associate in the Clinical Development & Epidemiology Department at Sanofi Pasteur MSD. Former Software Quality Assurance employee at Olympus Soft-imaging-solutions.

Dr. Maria Neumann

Clinical Research Associate

Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs)

Dr. Anja Zehnder

Clinical Research Associate

Sabine Hovest

Chemical Technician

Dennis Mewis

Chemical Technician

Josephine Frank

Executive Assistant

Anne Lobach

Executive Assistant

Manuela Bouterfa

Office Manager Wuerzburg

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